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Car Crash 2 Stunts Demolition

All fans of offline derby tricks and numerous smoke tires on the asphalt.Perform many serious tricks. To perform complex tricks, accelerate to the maximum and forward to the springboard or super twisted pipe.In the game arena you will meet steep obstacles:- long and twisted jumps;- an automobile meat grinder with machines;- many small traps and obstacles.Do not look at the damage caused to the car after performing fantastic stunts, because the main thing to remember is that this is a game and in real life these road emergency situations are not permissible.Game Features:- Special car models for participating in derby races;- Realistic driving;- The constant struggle for points and competitors;- Many hours of exciting game with realistic graphics and sound.Experience real emotions from performing tricks and feelings of extreme destruction with your derby car. A memorable virtual driving experience in a derby car.
WASD – driveB – back viewC – camera